REINVENTING YOUR WHEELS (RYW) 2.0 is the first progression from the RYW Foundation program and the second in a series of 4 programs that will graduate you into your highest level of advanced lower body training. Similar to the RYW Foundation program, 2.0 is a 4-day, full-body training program, but is a step forward in skill, intensity, and overall volume. In RYW 2.0 you will learn how to apply effort through a Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale, which is an integral concept in taking your training to the next level. If you’ve completed the foundation program you’ve already attained a good base of training and have taken a week or two off and are ready to move into your next phase of training. Get ready for new exercises, new techniques to learn, and further development to your lower half. By the end of the next month you will have attained greater skill, the ability to tolerate harder training, and achieved another step forward towards being an advanced trainee and a stellar set of wheels!

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