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About Besickfit

At Besickfitness our occupation is to literally change lives. The process starts with passion and integrity. We learn how to implement a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise and we practice it. Not only do we live the lifestyle - we coach it. Bringing energy and enthusiasm, we take people step-by-step through the path to their health and fitness goals by meeting them where they are at.


You may catch us implementing corrective exercise strategies for an active older adult in the morning, and stop back into the gym at night to see us throwing around the weights with one of our athletes. To us, personal training is supposed to be just that, PERSONAL. Get to know who the person is, then the body. We make a plan of action based on your goals and level of consistently and objectively measure them. From there, we are all about making real-world RESULTS! Contact us today to learn more about getting in the best shape of your life!!!

A Bit More About Me -
Adam Besick

It Has Been A Bumpy Road, But I Got Here...

I feel very blessed to have the many opportunities that have come my way in life but I have had my fair share of setbacks. I have had a long-standing psychological battle with muscle dysmorphia. As a result, I went through severe overtraining syndrome and a subsequent endocrine disorder at the age of 21 that has rendered me lifelong health issues. If it wasn’t for an upbringing from one of the most selfless, compassionate human beings on this planet, my mother Pamela, I wouldn’t have made it to the point I am at today. My experiences have left me with an amazing sense of empathy and compassion to help people, more specifically through any health and wellness directed aspiration they may have.


A Bit More About Me -
Tim Thompson

Owner / Nutrition Coach / Prep coach/ NSCA Certified Personal Trainer @ Animal House Gym, New Berlin WI / NPC Judge / NQ Heavy Weight Bodybuilder

My name is Tim Thompson, and with over 20 years behind me as a competitor and mentor in the fitness industry, my mission is to expand my knowledge to get you on the ride to becoming passionate about permanently changing your body for the better.

Being a part of the TNT team requires hard work and dedication, but the numerous clients who have already been successful as a part of my team know that with the nutrition coaching and exercise plan we provide... you will reach your goals.

Many find ease in the fact that whether you are a seasoned bodybuilding athlete (and wish to join the ranks of the clients I have turned pro), or are a complete beginner, I have already helped countless clients in your same position.

I am so proud of the team of coaches and athletes that we already have; and I am proud of every single member who is considering using our services to help reach their goals.

~Tim Thompson


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8360 Montecito Pointe dr, Las Vegas, NV 89149



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8:00 am – 6:00 pm


8:00 am – 6:00 pm


8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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