What I Do & How I Do It

My occupation is to literally change lives. The process starts with passion and integrity. I learn how to implement a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise and I practice it. Not only do I live the lifestyle - I coach it. Bringing energy and enthusiasm, I take people step-by-step through the path to their health and fitness goals by meeting them where they are at.

You may catch me implementing corrective exercise strategies for an active older adult in the morning, and stop back into the gym at night to see me throwing around the weights with one of my athletes. To me, personal training is supposed to be just that, PERSONAL. Get to know who the person is, then the body. I make a plan of action based on your goals and level of consistently and objectively measure them. From there, I am all about making real-world RESULTS!

A Bit More About Me

It Has Been A Bumpy Road, But I Got Here...

I feel very blessed to have the many opportunities that have come my way in life but I have had my fair share of setbacks. I have had a long-standing psychological battle with muscle dysmorphia. As a result, I went through severe overtraining syndrome and a subsequent endocrine disorder at the age of 21 that has rendered me lifelong health issues. If it wasn’t for an upbringing from one of the most selfless, compassionate human beings on this planet, my mother Pamela, I wouldn’t have made it to the point I am at today. My experiences have left me with an amazing sense of empathy and compassion to help people, more specifically through any health and wellness directed aspiration they may have.