Accelerated Results Coaching

Get the results you want the way that fits your calendar best. With my online services, I can give you the personalized coaching care you deserve no matter where you might be located.

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Silver Coaching: $200/Month

• Customized Training and Advanced Nutritional Guidance
• Bi-Weekly Official Email Check-Ins

Gold Coaching: $250/Month

• Customized Training and Advanced Nutritional Guidance

• Dynamic, Adaptable Coaching Experience and Progressive Training Protocols

• Weekly Official Email Check-Ins

Platinum Coaching: $300/Month

Includes all "Gold Package Coaching" package plus...​


• Access to Daily Communication via WhatsApp

• Monthly Skype Update Calls

• The Ultimate Coaching Experience for the Highest Level of Results​​

*One-Time Set-Up fee of $80 for initial diet and program design on all coaching packages

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