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These Advanced Training Techniques & 4-Week Training Program Will Add Undeniable Size To Your Legs!

Training legs is meant to be hard work. But getting results shouldn’t be a struggle! You put in the work, train hard, and spend a ton of time thinking about your workouts.


So how come your legs still haven’t developed the way you want them to?


It’s not like you haven’t tried. And that’s what makes it so frustrating. You’ve been grinding, but your upper body still overpowers your legs or they simply will not respond. Yet some people in the gym mess about with half-squats, check their phone between sets, and walk around with a quad sweep or glutes you’d kill for.


It’s not fair. So what are you gonna do about it? Here’s the solution.  





Coach Adam Bisek presents…

Reinventing Your Wheels 2.0

Next-level leg training for those who want visible results in a month
5 Common Leg Day Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing - Now!

#1 Are you still only training legs once per week? Training frequency is key to developing a great set of wheels.


#2 You avoid the big compounds. Multi-joint compound exercises have to be part of leg training.


#3 Your technique sucks, so you’re leaving a ton of progress on the table. Execution is everything!


#4 You waste time doing BS or ineffective exercises. You need to do implement the most effective exercises with the right execution.


#5 You’re not leveraging an effort using the RPE scale, the missing piece of the puzzle which will fast-track development.


Discover The One Mass Gain Training Technique You’re Not Doing


Be honest, do you keep a note of training intensity? And what do you do with that information? If you’re not using RPE in your workouts, you can’t be surprised at your lack of progress. Let’s fix that for you. Reinventing Your Wheel 2.0 is a next-level leg training program based around RPE.


This one training technique will revolutionize your results. And it’s easy to learn. Take a look at RYW 2.0 to discover what I mean.

The Ultimate Leg Training Program For Those Who Want To Stop Wasting Valuable Time

How many training programs and techniques have you tried? Tally up the leg sessions you’ve put yourself through. Some weeks you hammer legs so hard you can barely walk! Other weeks you feel so frustrated you wonder why you bother.


Don’t give up. You haven’t tried it all. And the solution is right here.


You need a simple, expert leg training program based on latest research and years- and-years of coaching. All laid out, session-by-session, with each exercise clearly explained so you can’t go wrong.


Reinventing Your Wheels 2.0 is the leg development program you’ve been looking for. Get it. Follow it. Learn from it.


Your legs are going to grow.​

How Do I Know If RYW 2.0 Will Work For Me?

# You’ve thrown everything at leg training, but you’re still upset with your lack of progress

# You finally want to see results for your hard work (no more program hopping!)

# You want visible lower body results in 6 weeks - and you’re willing to work for it

# You’ve been training a few years and want to bring the intensity to your leg training

# You want fresh ideas, exercise choices, or sessions for your leg day workouts

# You’re not confident about how to use monitor your effort in your training

# Your legs days need more a boost but you don’t know where to start


But this program isn’t for everyone. If you’re not willing to follow the program, put in the work, and try new techniques then RYW 2.0 isn’t for you. No hard feelings. You carry on with your regular training, and the rest of us will make some solid progress over here.

The Logical Next Step In Your Leg Training Journey

Listen, I have a ton of respect for people like you. All that time and effort in your training and diet. In fact you may train harder than most of the genetically gifted people in the gym!


It kills me that you’re missing this one piece of the puzzle.


You are not doomed to have an underdeveloped lower body your whole life. All you need is a change in technique, plus expert guidance. I know you’ll be amazed at the changes in your lower body. And it will happen within 6 weeks.


Ready to make the progress you deserve? RYW 2.0 is the solution you’ve been looking for all along.

What Exactly Do I Get With RYW 2.0?

# A 4-day, 6+ week training program for lower body development

# Designed by master lower body coach Adam Bisek based on years of training and coaching experience

# Based on training concepts of RPE, progressive overload, volume, and intensity

# A fully digital product you can take with you anywhere

# Clear workout and exercise guidance in visual and text form

# Exclusive early-bird access to future RYW training programs, bonuses, and extras

How Does RYW 2.0 Work?

RYW 2.0 is a digital product, so you can store it on your phone, download it, or print it out. Buy it once, and it’s yours for life. (You’ll also be the first to hear about offers on future products).


You’ll learn the training secrets of elite level lifters and bodybuilders: how to apply effort through RPE. Without it, you could tread water for decades (I’ve seen it happen in every gym!)


Uncover higher levels of advanced lower body training. Each workout, week, and training session is laid out in a clear step-by-step format.


Ready for new exercises, new techniques, and incredible strength and size development in your lower half? Grab RYW 2.0 and you’ll grow your skills, your training capacity, and your wheels. In just one month!


LEARN how to apply RPE and progressive overload

GAIN valuable new training skills and techniques


BUILD your ability to tolerate more training intensity and volume


GROW an impressive pair of quads, hams, glutes, and calves!

Questions About RYW 2.0?

- Do I get anything in the mail? No, RYW 2.0 is a fully digital product so you can get started as soon as you click “buy”


- I’m a beginner, will RYW 2.0 work for me? Sure, but you can always reach out to coach Bisek for a custom plan for true begginers


- Is RYW 2.0 suitable for women? Of course! The majority of the individuals I work with are women, and who isn’t looking for a better set of wheels right?


- Does RWY 2.0 include cardio and diet advice? No, RYW 2.0 is totally focused on the lifting side of your lower body development. If you want to discuss how to use nutrition and cardio for your training goals, drop me a line about coaching >> email <<


- How long is RYW 2.0? It’s been designed to last 6 weeks. If you follow the program properly, you’ll want a deload after this amount of time. You can always run the program again after a break.


RYW- I’m an advanced trainer, will I still get any benefit from RYW 2.0? Sure. In fact I follow this kind of training (and use these exercises myself), and I’ve been training for over a decade. RYW 2.0 will freshen up your training, give you some new ideas, and maybe remind you about best practice training and intensity!

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