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BeSickFit Articles of Our Online and In Person Training 

Read articles written about what being BeSickFitness is all about as well as check out my contributions to other outlets


Glutes Exercises for Men

"The Best Glutes Workouts For Dudes", Train Magazine dives into glute-focused training, which for men is becoming more and more recognized. 


Is Cardio a Waste?

 An in-depth article about the "whats, whys, and hows" of cardiovascular training, answering the question: Is "cardio" a waste of time?


Amazing Transformations

The story behind a dad who achieved an amazing transformation through a simple targeted metabolic meal planning system. My story featured on Muscle & Fitness


Workout Nutrition

There's a lot of confusion on what to eat around your workout and this article thoroughly clears the air!


I sat down with as their "Personal Trainer of the Month" to chat about personal training, working with clients, and how I work to get better each day.


The Protein Bible

A print exclusive article in Train Magazine outlining all you need to know about protein and your physique. 

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